Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quotes: A Tsunami in History from "The F-Word: Feminism in Jeopardy

Here are some quotes that stood out to me:
1. "It's fair to say that at the end of the first wave of feminism there was still much work to be done for women's equality. Getting the right to vote was the first step, and for many, securing access to a career outside of the house, and pursuing economic independence, was the second" (A Tsunami in History, pg 25)

I found this quote toward the end of the "First Wave: Getting the Right to Vote". This quote means that even though women did get the right to vote, life between men and women still were not equal. The sound of women getting a job outside the house, that did not involve taking care of the children and being a house wife, was still unthought of. However, women were determined to join the workforce and become independent in more ways than one.

2. "We want to express to all women -especially to white middle-class women- the experiences which divide us as feminists; we want to examine incidents of intolerance, prejudice and denial of differences within the feminist movement" (A Tsunami in History, pg 29). 

I found this quote in the middle of the "Second Wave: Our Mothers' Fight". This quote was said to explain to the upper and middle class white women that not every women faces the same kind of inequality. African american women faced inequality with their race and poor women faced inequality with lowre income. they all could be feminist but they are all facing different problems. This quote pertains to the text because two women, Cherrie Moraga and Gloria Anzaldua wanted to "help broaden the dialogue about women of color and feminism" (A Tsunami in History, pg 28). 

3. "It's been suggested that America today lacks a broad-based women's movement because we are in a time of "postfeminism," with the fight for equality and respectful treatment over and done. Yet women still face social and economic inequalities each day..." (A Tsunami in History, pg 32)

I found this quote  in the middle of the "Third Wave: Women Today". In today's time, people think that everything has become equal between men and women because women have come so far (ex: getting any job they want, having the choice to be finacially independent, etc). However, you can still see and hear about stereotypical and sexist remarks and actions. Some people, today, still take advantage of women, which personally, I believe is sad and slighty disappointing. There is no denying that women have made a major contribution to American history but everything is not black and white. Not everything is equal but that may, one day, change.

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