Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Four More Years! [2012 Election]

Minutes into the final run... and he takes the lead! He’s running, RUNNING and … Oh My Goodness, He won the race! Barack Obama has won the race. That was a close one folks...
It is true Obama has won the Presidency for another 4 years. And let me tell you, this was the loneliest experience I’ve had being a first time voter, but it’s no one’s fault. So to complete my assignment, I kept my eyes glued to the social networks, especially Twitter and Facebook! People, including myself, were getting nervous on the closeness of the race. Romney was ahead at one point and it had people doubting the outcome. At one point someone who voted for Romney made a fun bet with another person who voted for Obama. My Facebook and Twitter were full of hopeful Obama voters and things like “#TeamObama”, “Obama2012”, and occasionally “#Romney2012”. I did have some good laughs with my peers online but my nerves went crazy watching as the candidates receive votes point by point. At the end of the outcome, we went insane with happiness that Obama has won another term. I am also happy, but I do hope (and have faith) that Obama is going to do everything he said he would...

Now for a victory dance: D


  1. Oh my god, I love your use of these gifs!!!! Perfect! But yesss, a lot of the feed I got for the election was through Facebook, and it was just as interesting as watching it with my 'rents.

  2. Ha these dances are too funny, but yea totally 4 more years is a good thing, and I know Obama will come thru and keep turning America around for the better